RJP Framing,Inc construction framing

About Us

RJP Framing, Inc. is owned by Laurie and Joe Payne (President and Vice-President/CEO respectively) and services construction contractors and builders across California and the surrounding states. They’re belief is that a great company starts with the owners. That’s why every day they are in the office, in the field, or both.  Integrity, honesty, accountability to clients and a care and responsibility for their employees are at the heart of their strong work ethic. RJP Framing is more than a name, but a collaboration of dedicated employees that sincerely share the same values, recognizing that this is a company made up of Husbands, Wives, Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters. Therefore safety is ​of the highest concern and training and equipment are utilized to ensure that everyone is goes home just as they had left it that morning.  RJP Framing, Inc. has built relationships many stellar General Contractors and has been part of many incredible projects through ensuring that the work we do is framed intelligently, timely and within budget.