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Welcome to the website for RJP Framing Inc., where we provide our contractor / builder clients with the very best in professional, large-scale framing services. 

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Intelligent, Professional Production Framing, from Concept to Completion.

RJP Framing, Inc., a National Women Business Owners Corporation is the right choice for single-family, multi-family and commercial construction framing with large bond capability. Laurie Payne, President and Joe Payne, Vice President and CEO; bring a vast supply of knowledge and experience, going above and beyond to provide a standard of excellence to each job. Our current workforce is over 300 skilled and well trained specialized workers including knowledgeable In-Field Supervisors as well as trained crew leaders to insure and over see the high quality and efficiency that RJP demands. RJP Framing takes pride in every project, taking the extra steps to insure the jobsites are clean and safe which assists other trades in completing their work in a timely manner leading to a successful completion of the project.

Budgets and Schedules:
1. When time and prints allow, RJP Framing, Inc. can have all walls pre-fabricated at our warehouse before the start of a project.
2. When time does not allow outside pre-fabrication, our crews can provide on-site panelized sections on a majority of the projects.
3. RJP Framing, Inc. consistently monitors the lumber market to keep our customers informed of any volatile changes.

Reputable and Experienced:
1. RJP Framing, Inc. has in-depth experience in single-family and multi-family homes, as well as commercial projects.
2. Design Build and LEED experienced framing contractor.
3. Experienced in Davis Bacon and California Prevailing Wage projects.

Quality and Expertise:
1. Our current workforce is over 300 skilled and well trained workers.
2. A knowledgeable In-field Supervisor is always on-site during all working hours. This is to insure and oversee high quality and efficient production.

1. RJP Framing, Inc. places the highest emphasis on safety.
2. Our employees are provided with extensive training and all appropriate PPE to perform their job as safely as possible.
​3. At RJP Framing, Inc. we take extra steps to insure our job sites are cleaned throughout the working day. RJP has safety inspectors that can identify any type of safety concern. This not only aids RJP Framing, Inc. safety, but also helps assist other trades in achieving safety standards.
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